Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A New Beginning .......

This would be my first time writing in a blog. Have been patiently ‘waiting’ the launch of this blog..but when the day has arrived…emm.. I am a nervous wreck to what I’m supposed to write.. don’t know where to start..heck..dont even know how to start..so please bear with me ya...

Naz and I met some 12 years ago..we were offered boarding school in Johor...we were placed in the same house (sport house)... you know it's just like Hogwarts School Witchcraft & Wizardry. Ada rumah Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff...semangat rumah adalah sangat kuat and sangat kompetitif..tapi of course lah rumah kitorang nama melayu kan..concept je sama...

back then we were very young and innocent..the only thing that all of us had in common was - what meal would be served at the dining hall..i still remember, Saturday was the ever best most anticipated day of the week..you know why? It is Nasi Ayam Karbon & Ice Cream day!!! yeah..sounds pathetic now..but hey, that was the most lavished meal ever in school okkk..the chicken was 'grilled' to perfection (read: BLACK-hangus-rentung)..hence the nickname - Ayam Karbon..the soup is perfect for diabetic patient..the salad? what salad? hish..salad mahal tu..we were given 2 slices of cucumber each..and for dessert...ice cream..the brand of the ice cream is unheard off (it came with a wooden spoon)..nevertheless, it is still an ice cream...ahhh..blissss.... i am proud to say that due to the 'rigourous' training in school, we came to appreciate every single food that being served to us..gone were the mengada-ngada, gedik, picky-eater girls..ye mission accomplished cikgu..thanks!

So, when it comes to food, we are the experts! Not only we can eat anything edible, we can also tell good quality food, so-so or food of no quality at all..

so here we are..after 12 years and a twist of fate, we met again..Both Naz and I are working at the same place, same department..each time we were in the same shift, we would be talking non-stop..practically we will be talking for 12 hours..until to a point where both of us completed our 'life updates' (which took us almost 3 months), we then started talking on our dreams..for the span of 12 hours, we owned a shop, have branches all over Malaysia and franchises all over the world..yeah..yeah..big fat dream huh? at the end of our shift hours, we came back to reality and smack ourselves on the head,..

Since semangat keusahawanan adalah membuak2, we decided to start small first..in July 2010 we launched our very first product - Blueberry Cheese Tartlets & Lemon Tartlets..i must admit, the process was excrutiatingly slow and 'painful'..juggling 2 jobs at the same time ain't easy! Engineer by day, baker by night..Business started to pick up a month later..rezeki bulan Ramadhan agaknya..Alhamdulillah..

It has been 6 months now..things are looking pretty good..our tartlets have made their way as hantaran kahwin, hantaran pertunangan, office international visitors, European tourists etc..our products have been extended to cakes - Rich Chocolate cake, Durian Cheesecake, Lemon Cheesecake, Raspberry Cheese Brownies among others..and our cakes were trusted for birthdays - kids and adults.. :-)

we will try our best to come up with new products along the way and will surely keep you guys posted..

here's to the new beginning.... :-)

Monday, December 20, 2010

First Post!

Coming Soon .... the blog is still under construction :)