Monday, January 17, 2011

Glory Bites on Facebook

We are now on Facebook too.. :-)

'construction work' is still on going, but we promise you, it wont get in the way..orders are welcomed.. :-) do contact us for can either fill-up the order form and submit to us or if you have any questions, please email us at ...we would be very happy to serve you..

happy browsing..looking forward to hearing from you soon..

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year 2011

It is now 2011.. Oh my, how time flies.. 2010 passed so fast till i barely 'feel' it.. a lot of things happened in 2010..good things as well as bad lah, kalau hidup ni Allah tak bg dugaan, karang kita ni naik lemak pulak kan...papehal pun, setiap apa yang berlaku ada hikmah disebaliknya...mudah-mudahan 2011 would be a better year for me and seluruh muslimin dan muslimat seluruh dunia..amin..

As previous years, we have rituals of our own in celebrating new year..which is stay at home on the new year's eve and watch fireworks from the balcony..then the following day will be spent watching TV..sunggoh la takda life ye?eh, tapi itu la yg paling selamat..sejak dua tiga tahun lepas, cuba la baca newspaper or tgk berita what happened on new year's eve..fatal accidents due to DUI, road bully, rompak, rogol, bunuh..
i dont know why on the new year's eve manusia naik ganas and start doin all those stupid things..hormon kah?
therefore, it is best to stay at home..Naz lagi best, she had to work on new year's eve..and on the new year itself she spent the whole day least i know my partner is safe and sound.. :-)

we have a lot in store for Glory Bites..everything has been planned out..and we are sticking to the plan so far..hopefully it will materialize when the time comes..for instance, the layout of this blog has been finalized... our products have been professionally photographed and edited (thank you Mr. Tang Lee Hong! We are ever grateful to you)..once we put on the watermark, all pictures will be uploaded..baru la semangat sikit nak bekerja kan..

Naz will be in charged of taking care and beautify this blog from time to time..she is really good at it!

And as for me, i will be in charged of the product..any free time will be used to bake new ones and get them tasted by my lovely-yet-honest testers..ooh, my testers sangat lah reliable..based on my experience, if i get thumbs up from all of them, confirm it will be Glory Bites's best-sellers.. :-) we will keep you guys posted..

Till then..