Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Glory Bites is 1 today!!

Happy birthday Glory Bites.. you are 1 year old today.. nothing fancy though to celebrate your birthday.. why? because we got work to do! hehehe..

Maka dengan ini adalah sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa, bersempena dengan GB's first birthday, the delivery charge for any order(s) to be delivered by 3rd July 2011 will be waived. Terhad di sekitar kawasan Lembah Klang ya..kot karang order sampai dari Penang, jenuh aku nak merantau ke Penang semata-mata nak hantar kuih..hehehe...

Orders are welcomed... :-)


  1. alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....tsk,tsk..

  2. takpa,nnti turun KL,bitau aku na..aku buat special tartlets for u..

  3. happy birthday glory bites!

    may u keep prospering in many more years to come.

  4. b t w, i think u can kinda guess who i am.. .. ..

  5. but please keep it to yourself

  6. Hi Izryne, whoever you are, thank you for your kind wishes.. :-)

  7. hiya g b..
    why have you not been updating your blog? are things not worth sharing with the rest of the world lately? Looking forward to your next journal entry..
    Anyway, don't simply do it for the sake of my comment, i completely understand if you are occupied with other more important matters. I'm not into this blogging thing, i simply do not have the time nor idea for it.
    Those tartlets (is that what you call them?) look mouthwatering b t w..