Thursday, May 26, 2011

Strangers, again...?

Tu diaaa..gila lama tak update..

Chics posted a video in her blog about phases of relationship. It was so touching that I almost cried (almost ye, karang orang ingat aku ni gila agaknya)... The video depicted the truth about relationship..well from my point of view lah..and it was really an eye opener to me.

Kan aku dah cakap...

Chics was kind enough to list all the stages according to this video (I copy-paste je)

There are 7 stages of relationship:

Stage 1: Meeting
Stage 2: The chase
Stage 3: Honeymoon
Stage 4: Comfortable
Stage 5: Tolerance
Stage 6: Downhill
Stage 7: Breaking up

Safe to say, my relationship is kinda in stage 4: Comfortable. Stage yang sangat bahaya kalau tak kena caranya. Bila dah comfortable, we tend to take the other person for granted . I really hope both of us could steer our relationship away from stage 5, 6 and na'uzubillah stage 7..

Yes, we had our fair share of arguments, yelling, swearing, and what not..but we always kiss and make up.. far, lepas sessi menaga, one of us will give-in and apologize (selalunya dia la..hahaha.. ate, if you reading this, disebabkan perangai you yang ni lah I sayang you sgt2 ok)..

I got this from Twitter:  when you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first damn true!

Dekat stage yang after the breakup tu, Josh wanted to get back to the hope of restoring whats left in their relationship..he called Marissa and said "I miss you...", sekali dibalas "Are you drunk??!!"....ohh, sunggoh kesian..pastu jumpa plak dalam facebook, Marissa dah ada org lain..double kesian.. :-( memang betol la org cakap, the worst part about trying to make a relationship work is finding out the other person has already given up..

He is my know..unbelievable, crazy special..the guy I thought could never exist..
and I really hope that I will always be his unicorn...

Ape ke hal nye jiwang sgt entry niii?? Hormonal imbalance..tengok ape pun sensitif..ok abaikan.

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